The second round of talks between Ukraine and Russia, the occupiers took cities under fire at night, the Armed Forces of Ukraine keep destroying the enemies. Verified news as of March 3 morning.

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1. The second round of talks between Ukraine and Russia will be held today.

2. At least four explosions were heard in Kyiv this night. There were no calls from the population to the State Emergency Service of Ukraine. According to preliminary information, the air targets were shot down by the anti-aircraft warfare.

3. The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed enemy landing forces near Balovny in the Mykolaiv region.

4. The occupiers carried out air strikes on Izyum in Kharkiv Region. The main blow fell on a residential high-rise building and a private estate. Fatal casualties reported.

5. Russian terrorists fired two missiles at Kharkiv’s Territorial Defense headquarters. The shelling also affected the Shevchenko plant and residential buildings. Information about the victims is being clarified. Also the Korotich airfield of the Kharkiv Aeroclub has destroyed by a raid by Russian aircraft.

6. In Chernihiv, an enemy shell hit the oil depot, which caused ignition of a diesel reservoir.

7. Since February 24, about 835 000 refugees have left Ukraine.

Fake! The Central Intelligence Agency warns that Russia may be preparing a large-scale fake — a video with President Volodymyr Zelensky allegedly declaring his abdication and capitulation. Do not believe it! To prepare such a video, the occupiers may use the deepfake technology, when some images and videos of a person are superimposed over other photos and videos.

The world:

1. The UN General Assembly has adopted a resolution condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. It is calling on Moscow to immediately withdraw all military forces from the territory of Ukraine.

Ukraine has received the second shipment of Javelin anti-tank missile systems from Estonia.

2. Over the last day and night, 700 participants of ant-war protests were detained in Russia.

3. The International Court of Justice started proceedings related to the war crimes committed in Ukraine by the Russian Federation.

4. Roman Abramovich will sell Chelsea Football Club. The funds are promised to be donated to those who suffered from the war in Ukraine. However, it is not yet specified which of the two sides receives the help.

5. TIME magazine cover featured the Ukrainian flag and a quote by Volodymyr Zelensky: “Life will beat death, and light will win over darkness.”

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