Humanitarian corridors will be opened from Mariupol and Volnovakha; global brands suspend sales in Russia. Verified news as of March 5th morning

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Humanitarian corridors for civilians will be opened from Mariupol and Volnovakha. The occupants promise not to shoot.

In 10 days of war, our air defense destroyed 39 enemy aircraft and 40 helicopters.

The occupants seized the Enerhodar City Council building: broke the glass, entered the building and locked themselves inside.

In Kharkiv region, shelling of residential areas of the regional center continued at night. In Zhytomyr region, the enemy hit a factory.

The world:

Roskomnadzor will block access to Facebook. Twitter is no longer working. Luxury brands, particularly Chanel and LV, have stopped their sales in Russia.

Foreign media outlets (CNN, Bloomberg, BBC) and isolated independent Russian outlets (Dozhd, Echo.Moskvy), stop working in Russia because of the law prohibiting to call the war in Ukraine a war. For the truth in Russia you can get 15 years in prison.

PayPal has suspended operations in Russia.

eBay suspended shipments to Russia.

Samsung suspended shipments to Russia.

Yachts of Russian oligarchs Mordashov and Timchenko were arrested in Italy.

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